How much should i TIP MY VENDORS?

Tipping your vendors isn’t necessary and is something that should be done if you feel yours went above and beyond. However, before you tip your vendor, make sure it isn’t something that is already included in your contract. While any amount will be greatly appreciated, here is a basic overview of what you should tip -

Florist: 10-15%.  

 Transportation: If not already included in the contract, 15%.

DJ/Band: 10-15% OR $25 to $50 per band member.   

Hair/Makeup: 15%.

Photographer/Videographer: $50 -$200, if there are multiple shooters, $50 - $100 each.

Catering: If not already included in the contract, 15-20% of total bill or $50-100 for each chef and $25 per ser server.

Can’t afford a tip for a vendor that did an awesome job? That’s totally fine! Instead, just be sure to give them a review and refer them to a friend!


Money Saving Tips

  • Consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday. Most venues are most expensive on Saturday and are a few thousand dollars cheaper if booked on a Friday or Sunday. Try looking into a holiday weekend where people will already have off on Monday!

  • Get married at the very end of off season. March - June and late August - October are very busy times of the year, therefore prices go up.

  • Have your reception and ceremony in the same space.  This cuts down on transportation costs and you can reuse decor and flowers!

  • Have a fake cake with only the top layer being edible, then have sheet cake cut for your guests in the back.

  • Shop for dresses that might not specifically be wedding dress - this can be easily done during prom season!

Where to splurge

  • Spend your money on a great venue so you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on decor that you will have nothing to do with after the wedding.

  • A wedding planner (which you have already done!). If you are dishing out a lot of money to have the wedding of your dreams you are going to want to make sure you have someone there to ensure everything goes perfectly!

  • Splurge on your photographer. You will be looking back on these pictures for the rest of your life so you want to make sure they are done right!

  • Spend a little extra to get good catering. If your food is absolutely amazing, your guests will notice!