Color Pallets

It’s very true that the “popularity” of color pallets change from season to season or year to year. However, there are some color schemes that will ALWAYS look good together. We have included some below as inspiration for you to use! It’s important to remember that these color pallets are not set in stone - if you want to swap one color for a different one or maybe think a darker shade would go better with your wedding day, that is something that can easily be done. We are always here to offer our opinions on what we feel really goes together or how to make a color palette that matches the atmosphere you want to set for your wedding day!


Lighting is something that can really set the tone + atmosphere for an event. Whether it's uplighting, chandeliers, or even bistro, - these lights can add a beautiful ambiance to your wedding. If you are unsure if you want to hire a lighting company to install chandeliers or bistro lighting , consider asking your DJ or band if they are able to do your uplighting for an added fee.

Reception Style + Dining Style

When choosing your dining style, consider how it will effect your overall reception. Here are somethings you should think about when choosing a style. 

- Age of crowd

- Length of reception

- How interactive your crowd is 

- Whether or not you want a focus on socializing and dancing

- What kind of food you would like to have served

- How formal / informal you would like it