Save the Dates vs Invitations

Save the dates are most common with "longer engagements" and are normally sent out 6 - 8 months in advance. This gives your guests enough time to take off, make arrangements, book hotels, hire babysitters, etc. in order to be there for your wedding day. Your save the dates are very simple - they include the date of the wedding, you + your finances names, a location, and notice for a formal invitation to follow.

Invitations should be sent no later than 6 weeks before the wedding. This will include the invitation and a stamped RSVP for your guests to reply with if they will be in attendance and how many people will be coming. Check out the invitation verbiage ideas below for some inspiration on what to write on your invitation! In general, the invitation should have you + your finances names, a date, the time of the ceremony, the ceremony site, reception site (if different from the ceremony location), and a dress code if applicable.  

Invitation Verbiage Ideas

Please join us for the wedding of
Emily Zayas & Chase Barlow
The 10th of May, 2018
at half past six in the evening
Quirk Hotel
Richmond, Virginia
reception to follow

- - - - - - - - -

Emily and Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Zayas
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barlow
Invite you to celebrate the marriage of their children
Emily Ann Zayas and Chase Nathan Barlow
Saturday, the fifth of November, two thousand and sixteen
Six o'clock in the evening | The Inn at Kent | Long Island, New York
followed by dinner & dancing

- - - - - - - - -

Together with their families
Emily Ann Zayas
Chase Nathan Barlow
Request the honor of your presence as they
Tie the knot
Friday May Twelfth, Two Thousand Fifteen
At two o'clock in the afternoon
Jupiter Gardens
Dallas, Texas


Emily & Chase
would love your presence in celebrating their marriage
May 3rd 2018 | 4 o'clock in the afternoon
2941 Main Street., Baltimore MD 32346
Reception to follow



- - - - - - - - - 

Together with their families
Emily Zayas
Chase Barlow
Invite you to join them as they say "I Do!"
Saturday, the twenty-first of August | two thousand eighteen
Six o'clock in the evening | Emerald at Queensridge Las Vegas, Nevada
Dinner, dancing & drinks to follow | Black-tie optional

- - - - - - - - - - 

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Zayas
Invite you to join in the Celebration
of the marriage of their daughter
Emily Ann to
Chase Nathan
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barlow
Saturday, May 18
Two thousand nineteen
at one thirty in the afternoon
Farmington Country Club
145 Main St. // Charrolletsville, VA
Adult reception to follow at 4:30 p.m. 


Invitation Addressing Etiquette 

(for double envelope addressing)

Difference between Outer and Inner Envelopes

• The outer envelope is typically more formal than the inner envelope.

• The outer envelope only shows the names of the individual or couple who is invited.

• Any guests or family members are addressed on the inner envelope.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

• Keep in mind a woman’s name always goes first (it does not matter which person you know better)

• The word “and” between a couples names shows that they are married.

• For a street addresses, any number under 25 are written out

Eight Oak Street or 6007 Oak Street

• Always use #’s for apartments

Eight Oak Street Apartment 13

• When inviting someone with a guest, the word guest is always written out in lowercase

Mr. John Smith and guest

• Junior and senior should be lowercase on an envelope

Mr. John Smith, junior or Mr. John Smith, senior

• When inviting an entire family there are a few important things to know

1. “and family” should always be spelled out and lowercase

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and family

2. If you want to include the names of the family members on the envelope, note that boys under the age of 10 are referred to as “Master”

3. If children in a household are over the age of 18, etiquette states that they should receive their own invitation. With the cost of postage this has become less popular. Below is an example of an invitation sent to the parents and children, but is still written in a formal style.


Ordering + Sending Invitations (timeline)

To put it simply - invitations can be stressful. Whether you are unsure of when things need to be sent, how to organize everything, or when you should be ordering things, this timeline is perfect for making sure you get everything straight!

Your Personalized Checklist -

12 months prior to the wedding

  • Order Save-the-date cards

  • Order thank you notes/stationary

11 months prior

  • Send out save the date cards

  • 4 to 6 months prior to wedding

  • Order wedding invitations

  • Order direction and map cards

  • Order transportation cards

  • Order accommodation cards

  • Order rehearsal dinner event invitations

  • Order bridesmaids luncheon invitations

  • Order day-after-wedding brunch event invitations

6 weeks prior to wedding

  • Mail wedding invitations

  • Mail direction and map cards

  • Mail transportation cards

  • Mail accomodation cards

  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations

  • Mail bridesmaids luncheon invitations

  • Mail day-after-wedding brunch event invitations

  • Order wedding programs

  • Order menu cards

  • Order ceremony cards

  • Order table cards and place cards

  • Order favor cards

Within 2 weeks after wedding

  • Mail announcements

  • Order correspondence cards/notes

  • Order calling cards/gift enclosures

  • Order at-home cards

  • Order announcements

Ceremony Programs

Programs are a perfect way to let your guests know the order of the ceremony while also giving them a keepsake from your wedding! Below we included a basic overview of what your programs can include and inspiration from some of our favorite programs.

  • Names of you + your finance
  • The wedding party (and names of parents + grandparents)
  • Wedding date
  • Outline of the ceremony 
  • Prayers or Songs


Printed menus are the perfect way to let your guests know exactly what they are eating or what is to be expected for the night. Whether you have one large menu stationed at the entrance of your reception or smaller ones set up at each guests place setting, these printed materials double as being decorative yet useful!

Place cards / Escort Cards

If you decide you want assigned seats, place cards are a necessity! Here are a few ideas that can be used to make them a little more stylish. 

More signage!


If you are having out of town guests that will be staying at a hotel, be sure to print out a map of the city (and things for them to do/see/eat) and also a personalized letter thanking them for coming!