Different bus types + their purposes

Charter Bus: These busses carry 40-55 passengers. If you are looking to transport a large amount of guests, these will be the best bang for your buck. They are equipped with comfortable seating, AC, and bathrooms. 

Minibus: These busses carry 24-36 passengers. They usually have comfortable seating and luggage space, which is great for wedding guests to store bags, gifts, or luggage. Since these cary a smaller amount of guests, they should only be used if you are expecting a small number of people who need transportation.

Shuttle Bus: These busses carry 25-45 passengers. This is great for large groups of individuals who want to travel short distances. 

Party bus: Depending on the size, a party bus can fit anywhere between 18-50 people. These buses are equipped wit LED lights, comfortable seating, and loud sound systems. This would be the perfect transportation for you and your wedding party.

Pros of Having transportation

  • Won't have to worry about out-of-town guests getting lost
  • No stress about how intoxicated guests will get back to their hotels
  • Guests won't have to pay for more expenses such as Ubers or parking
  • Allows guests to enjoy your big day without worrying how they are getting to and from

Things to consider

  • Where to park

  • Time for commute increases

  • Turnaround radius in tight spaces

  • Handicap

  • You will need a head count of who will actually be riding in your bus so you can see if they are necessary or how many you need to order

Getaway Car

If you are going to be having a send off, you will more than likely want that to be followed with a getaway car. Now, what should you drive off in? Your options are endless! It could be a limo, a sports car, a golf cart, a carriage, or even an Uber. Our advice? Stick to something that really represents you and the groom!

So you have the getaway car picked out, now what?! Now, you decide what to put in it! Chances are you spent a majority of your reception posing for pictures, greeting guests, and dancing the night away. You most likely did not finish your dinner which means by now you’re starving. So, stock the car with some snacks! Whether it's from your wedding or just a little basket of some of your favorite goodies, you are going to want something too much on on your ride home! Are you going straight to the hotel after your wedding? Then pack a bag with your clothes, phone charger, toothbrush and any other necessities you are going to want before going to bed. And don’t worry about how all of this is getting into the car… that is where WE come in!