Napkin Folds

A lot of people would never think of the presentation of a napkin as being important, but depending on how you fold it, it can really bring together the look of your table! You are going to be providing your guests with napkins anyway, so why not add a little more fun to them? Below we have included various pictures of some of our favorite folds but definitely look up more to see all the different things you can do!


Favor Ideas

If you choose to have wedding favors on your big day, make sure it’s something you think people will actually use or take home with them. Alcohol or snacks are always a great option. Some of our favorites are -

  • Mini wine or airplane bottles

  • S’mores kits

  • Charity donation made in your guests name (How cool is this?!)

  • Flip flops for the dance floor!


Different Dining Styles 

Let your reception be a reflection of you + the groom! Below are descriptions of the various styles and pros and cons of each!

Formal dining:

  • Most likely includes a plated dinner
  • Normally calls for a more formal attire (may or may not be black-tie)
  • Place setting for each individual will include a full set up (china, silverware, glasses, etc.)
  • Pro: Can result in little to no wasted food as everything is proportioned and is more stress free for your guests
  • Con: They will take up more time in your reception and give a more limited variety of food options for your guests


Erin Kling Photography

Erin Kling Photography

Kait Winston Photography

Kait Winston Photography

Casual Reception

  • This will most likely be buffet (everyone gets up and serves themselves) or family styled (the waitress brings big platters to the table and you serve yourself)
  • Place settings for the guests include only the essentials (plate, fork, knife)
  • Good if you want a casual/comfortable reception while still wanting it to be a little more traditional 
  • Pro: It encourages your guests to interact - it creates a warm atmosphere while allowing people to relax
  • Con: Because of the food passing + sharing, it has the potential to get a little messy.
Nicole Adele Photography

Nicole Adele Photography

Cocktail Style Reception

  • Usually has heavy hors d'oeuvres either stationed at a table or passed
  • Creates a less formal/traditional feeling
  • Creates "party" like atmosphere that allows for guests to dance + interact more freely 
  • Pro: If you are having trouble narrowing down your guest count, this allows for space which means more room for guests
  • Con: May cause guests to leave early if they tire easily from being on their feet for long periods of time

Send off

Here are few ideas and pictures for some send-off inspiration!

  • Glow sticks

  • Sparklers

  • Ribbon Wands

  • Flower Petals

  • Bubbles

Place Setting Etiquette 

Whether you decide to do a formal or casual dining style, here is a basic overview of how a place setting should be set up.

On the left side of the plate you will want to have your bread plate (if serving bread) and underneath you will have your salad fork (the smaller fork) + your dinner fork (closest to the plate). If salad will be served or if it is not preset, you will have a salad plate like the one below. On the right side of the plate you will have your water + wine glasses. Below the glasses you will have a dinner knife, salad knife, and spoon (farthest from the plate). 

Erin Kling Photography 

Erin Kling Photography 

Table Setup iDEAS

Below we have various types of table set ups. Whether its cake tables, round tables, cocktail tables, head tables, or rectangle tables - we got you covered!

Cake Table Essentials 

  • A song for the cake cutting

  • Champagne flutes for the toast

  • Knife/server

  • Topper

  • Stand

  • Napkins

Morgan Renee Photography

Morgan Renee Photography

Bouquet Toss:

Pro:  It is more traditional and adds for a good photo opportunity!

Con: Most brides will normally get a "toss" bouquet so they do not have to throw their real one or risk ruining it during the throw. However, this is an extra bouquet and cost that will be added to your floral order. 

Pro: It gets your guests out of their seats and adds another "activity" to the timeline if you are worried there is too much downtime.

Con: This can become very uncomfortable for women that are single and are being pushed up in front of everyone to catch the bouquet. When deciding whether or not you want a bouquet toss, look through your guests and make sure their is a good amount of available women so no one feels singled out. 



Hayes + Fisk Photography

Hayes + Fisk Photography

Garter Toss: 

Pro: It is traditional, so it may be something you would want depending on your wedding style.

Con: You no longer have your garter, which some women like to keep for sentimental reasons.

Pro: It can be fun and gives your guests a chance to move around and interact.

Con: It can be embarassing depending on who is in attendance. Garter tosses tend to get inappropriate once alcohol is involved. It may be a little uncomfortable for your older guests (grandparents, family friends, etc.).