Processional/Recessional Order Suggestions

Processional (In order of first to last)

  1. Grandparents of bride

  2. Grandparents of groom

  3. Mother of bride + escort

  4. Parents of groom

  5. Officiant + Groom

  6. Groomsmen

  7. Bridesmaids

  8. Ring bearer

  9. Flower girl

  10. Bride + Father



Recessional (In order of first to last)

  1. Bride + Groom

  2. Bridesmaids + Groomsmen

  3. Parents of the bride

  4. Parents of the groom

  5. Officiant


Here is a little list of things you don’t want to forget to make your ceremony perfect!

  • Reserved signs: Normally the first row is saved for family, adding signs adds some extra decor to your ceremony while also reserving the seats for those special guests!

  • Programs: We will go more into these under “printed materials” but programs are the perfect way to introduce your bridal party.

  • Flowers: Pew markers, floral arrangements, arbor arrangements, etc.

  • Mic: So everyone can hear your officiant and the bride + groom!

  • Music: Don’t forget to choose a song for the processional and recessional for you and your bridal party!

Chair Setup ideas

There are endless ways to set up your seating at your ceremony, so we have included some inspiration of some of our favorites!

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