What Does Your Reception Say About You?

Formal, Casual, Socialite? Your reception is and should be a reflection of you as a couple - your style, your personalities, your ideal setting. Don't let the "rules" of wedding planning or the opinions of others on how weddings "should be" dictate your reception. Choose the reception style that is going to make you feel the most comfortable because it's a night that you'll remember forever! 


A Formal Reception

  • Often includes a plated dinner
  • May or may not be black-tie
  • Place setting for every guest with full setup (china, silverware, glasses, etc.)
  • Pros: you get a chance to be Cinderella for a night!
  • Cons: tends to be more expensive and also lengthens the reception


A Casual Reception:

  • Tends to include a buffet or family styled dinner
  • Ties are optional
  • Place setting for every guest with just the essentials (plate, fork, and knife)
  • Pros: more interactive atmosphere (guests talking and moving around)
  • Cons: can feel like a backyard BBQ if it's not executed properly 



A Socialite Reception:

  • Cocktail-styled reception with heavy hors d'oeuvres
  • Mixed seating (lounge furniture, bistro tables, cocktail tables, etc.)
  • Fewer formalities throughout the evening (traditional dances, toasts, entrances, etc.)
  • Pros: makes for a great dance party!
  • Cons: not a designated seat for every guest (people love to claim their "spot" at the wedding)

No matter the style, with a little genuine personality, you'll have the perfect wedding reception for you!

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Jessica Adams