Things Happen... Planners Fix Them

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so there is no way, as a planner, I am going to ruin your joy by telling you all of the things that went wrong behind the scenes ... until now.  In light of our recent snowy blizzard, I was reminded of a wedding that I coordinated during a hurricane. Let me tell you some of the things that happen at weddings that planners fix with a smile. 



We spend months planning your wedding with you. We make sure that every detail is just how you want it, that every logistical issue has been addressed and answered. But there are some factors you just can't account for, like these:






  • Would you have guessed that the ceremony was our Plan C? The original plan was to get married outside on a different part of the property. Plan B was to get married under the tent, but with so many umbrellas and muddy spots, there was nowhere for an aisle. So plan C it was! This bride was determined to get married next to the river - and the umbrellas did the trick!





  • This table setting picture looks pristine, but during setup, the hurricane wind gusts blew the runners off the table and into a mud pit, followed by the tent gutters breaking from the weight of the rain and a monsoon pouring down on the tables. Not to fret though, we grabbed a few items from our emergency kit, fixed the tent, got the stain out of the runner, and reset the tables...this time with a lot of tape, weights, and pins!



If this situation was going to happen to any bride, this would be the best bride for it. She took in all of the changes with a deep breath and a smile, because in the end she had her groom and the river, and a planner to handle the rest.


Now imagine if this was your wedding and you didn't have a planner - yikes! Who would be the one to make the quick decisions, move your ceremony site on a whim, and find a remedy for every situation? If you had tasked your parents or bridesmaids with these responsibilities, they would've never had a chance to tell you "Congratulations!" and join you on the dance floor. So, long story short, just remember that things happens, and planners fix them!

Jessica Adams