Self Care + Wedding Planning

It's no surprise that wedding planning is stressful! This is why we can't emphasize enough how important it is to take care of yourself - and we're not just talking to the brides. Moms and bridesmaids, this goes for you too. Here's our top 5 tips for keeping your sanity so you can glow on the wedding day: 


Tip #1: Eat a Well-Balanced Diet
We're not saying that you need cut calories and go on a no-carb diet ...absolutely not! What we are saying is to eat your fruits and veggies! A well-balanced diet will make you feel good on the inside by giving you more energy and a healthy glow. 

Tip #2: Workout
Again, we don't think you need to lose weight for the big day, we just want you to feel strong and confident. Working out is also a HUGE stress reliever. So head over to a yoga class or go for a run and gain a little sanity. Do what makes you feel good!

Tip #3: Be Positive
This is a happy and exciting time in your life - keep it that way! Don't let all of the silly details cloud your thoughts. Remember, you are beautiful and you are marrying the love of your life - now smile!

Tip #4: Delegate Tasks
This one is especially for all of the control freaks out there. It's hard to let go, but your mind and body will thank you. You have to make time for yourself, so by allowing others to help you, you can free up some time and take a mental break. If you hired a planner - good for you! If not, call up those bridesmaids and ask for a helping hand. 

Tip #5: Breathe
Sounds like the silliest tip you may have ever heard, but it works! When you're stressed or tired, step away from the situation, close your eyes, and take 3 looooong, deeeeep breaths. Doing this will help clear your mind, relax your muscles, and re-focus when you step back into the situation. 

Jessica Adams