Gifting Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Choosing the people to stand by your side and support your new marriage is no easy feat. You probably spent weeks debating on who to ask and whittling down your list, but once you’ve finally made up your mind, let’s not forget to thank those ladies and gents. More than likely they’ve invested quite a bit of time and money to be there with you throughout your engagement – a little spoiling is well-deserved! We’ve seen all sorts of gift ideas for wedding parties, but here’s our list of the most popular options. 






1. Matching Robes
his is by far one of our favorite options because it serves 2 purposes. 1: Your bridesmaids have something cute to wear while getting ready that they can definitely re-use after the wedding. 2: All of your girls will match making for really great getting-ready pictures!






2. Wedding Day Jewelry
ho doesn’t love a little sparkle? Instead of having your bridesmaids supply their own jewelry, pamper them with a nice set to wear on the wedding day. 






3. Shawls
his gift is really great if you’re planning a winter wedding. Although your bridesmaids might smile and bear through it, no one enjoys being cold. Keep them warm by giving them matching shawls that double as a great accessory for pictures. 





4. Personalized Glassware
ridal suite mayhem is typical on the wedding day. Everyone’s everything everywhere! Keep the champagne straight with personalized flutes or tumblers.



1. Cufflinks
lassic! Cufflinks make a great gift to not only keep your groomsmen looking sharp, but something that they can also use after the wedding for other special occasions. Go the extra step and have them personalized with their initials. 






2. Socks
his is our favorite groomsmen gift just because it’s so fun and the combinations can get creative. It’s a very subtle detail in the grand scheme of the wedding, but they do have to wear socks with their shoes anyway, so make it bold!






3. Flasks
ow else will they drink the bourbon that was dug up? Guys love flasks – we think it’s because it gives them a reason to party and have a great time!





4. Cigars
very nostalgic gift that can be enjoyed on the wedding day or later as a way to reminisce. Just don’t forget the lighter. 


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Jessica Adams