Getting Your Groom Involved

They ALWAYS show up to the food and cake tasting, but what about the other 10 months you’ve been planning? We get it, flowers and font types are girly and boring. They think wedding planning is bonding time with your mom and bridesmaids. Disclaimer: not every groom is this removed, but for the ones that are, how do you get them involved in the planning? Here are a few suggestions:


Consider what they enjoy:
Does your groom love sports? While venue hunting, choose venues that not only fit your ceremony and reception requirements, but find ones that also have something to offer for the guys. Maybe it’s a killer groom’s suite with a TV that will show the game that Saturday. Or, maybe there’s a golf course for a morning tee time. Giving your groom something that excites him about the venue will make him more interested in the venue search.

Utilize their skills:
What is your groom really good at? Building? Have him make something for the wedding, like corn hole boards or signs, for a personal touch. Be specific though. Don’t just ask him to build anything for the wedding. Get him involved by asking for his opinion on what he could build for the wedding that makes sense and is useful. Is it computers? Ask him to manage the spreadsheets, diagrams, and seating charts.


verybody has a favorite song:
Have him make a list of his favorite (wedding appropriate) songs. You do the same, and then cross-reference your lists to see if there are any overlaps. Songs that you both listed will make the “must play” list. For those that you disagree on, each of you choose a couple to play. A mixed playlist will showcase both of your styles during the reception. 

here are many aspects of wedding planning that your groom will likely want nothing to do with. But for those few areas that he enjoys, let him be involved. You may not like all of his suggestions, but remember, this is your wedding as a couple. Getting him involved early in the wedding planning process will help make this day even more special for the two of you. 

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Jessica Adams