Find Your Seat

Looking for ideas for place cards and seating charts? If you’re having a plated dinner or trying to avoid potential family drama, you’re probably opting for assigned seating, so place cards are now a necessity. We’re recapping our top 7 favorites to give you a little inspiration.

No. 1: Sea Glass Place Cards


These colorful and adorable sea glass pieces were hand-lettered with the guests' names and table numbers and thoughtfully displayed in a tray filled with sand. 

No. 2: Oyster Shell Place Cards


This riverfront wedding wouldn't have been complete without a few (hundred) gold-painted and hand-lettered oyster shells. Guests were sure to take these little beauties home with them. 

No. 4: Chair Sash Place Card

No. 3: Hand-Lettered
Scroll Seating Chart


What's one way to make sure guests don't forget where they are sitting? Attach their place card to their chair! 

Making a list and checking it twice... this scroll-inspired seating chart was the focal point of cocktail hour, creatively hung with an elk antler and adorned with greenery and flowers. 

No. 5: Rosemary Place Cards



Keep it simple, natural, and fresh with a sprig of rosemary woven through your place card. Bonus - it adds a nice aroma to your table as your guests get seated. 

No. 7: Classic Place Card 


No. 6: Mirror Seating Chart



Sometimes, taking it back to the basics is just the right fit. Shake things up a little bit and add your own personality to the cards. 

Jessica Adams