Blending Two Cultures



Maggie and Mark were such a beautiful and sincere couple! For them, it was literally love at first sight. After meeting at a Friendsgiving in Boston, while Mark was studying abroad, they kept their romance alive separated by many miles for nearly a year before getting engaged. Now, as newlyweds, they'll begin their marriage in London. 







The thistle has been a symbol of Scotland for hundreds of years, so naturally we had to incorporate it into Mark's boutonniere. It also represents devotion, durability, and strength: all attributes that a couple needs in their marriage. Plus, there's the added the bonus that the colors worked perfectly in the design! 





The horseshoe charm is actually a British tradition wishing the couple good luck. Maggie's best friend and bridesmaid, who she met while studying abroad, gifted this sweet charm to her on her wedding day. We figured, what better way to incorporate the horseshoe than to attach it to her bouquet wrapped with Mark's family's tartan. 






You may have noticed a subtle plaid theme carried throughout this wedding, like wrapped around the bouquet above or on the ribbons here. This plaid pattern is referred to as tartan in Scotland and represents Mark's family. It's small touches like these that really bring a cohesiveness to the whole design. 






A fun Scottish wedding can only end with one thing, a good Scotch! Maggie and Mark gave away small bottles of Macallan Scotch to their guests as wedding favors. We have no doubt that this wedding favor was well-enjoyed by all. 

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Jessica Adams