6 Floral Must-Haves For Your Wedding

Don't stress the week of your wedding wondering if you ordered all of the necessary flowers. Use this quick checklist to make you sure you've thought about the important categories and then some. We're sharing a few of our favorite wedding flowers!


1. Bouquets

A signature staple for brides with an "all eyes on me" element as the bride makes her debut at the ceremony. This arrangement is captured in pictures all the way down the aisle, at the altar, and in wedding party and family portraits. It's no wonder that brides put so much emphasis on having the PERFECT bouquet. There's the "loose, wildflower" look, the "perfectly rounded formal" look, and so many options in between. 


2. Boutonnieres 

Typically, the grooms could care less about what flowers they have attached to their lapels, but the brides still put a lot of thought into making sure they match the suits perfectly. The boutonnieres have to be the right combination of masculine, yet still matching the other wedding flowers. 

3. Ceremony Arrangements

Ranging in a variety of shapes and sizes, these arrangements provide an added aesthetic to the ceremony. There are arbor or altar arrangements to draw the focus to the front, or pew markers and petals lining the aisle to add drama as the bride makes her way down the aisle, and our personal favorite, a combination of all of the above to really make a statement at the ceremony.

4. Reception Arrangements

The type of flower arrangement greatly depends on the type of reception you are having: formal, casual, plated, cocktail-style, etc. A combination of high and low arrangements look gorgeous on round tables and long, flowing garlands on banquet tables. No matter your reception style, just don't forget these fresh beauties. 


5. Cake Flowers

While the traditional style of cake flowers is still breathtaking, it's not the only option. Colorful, cascading flowers can add a brilliant pop of color and whimsical greenery can really play up the bohemian elements. 


6. Accent Flowers

The odds and ends are the flowers that create a cohesive flow throughout your entire wedding celebration. For us, they're also the fun, creative elements that allow your imagination to run wild and truly make your wedding unique and different. 


Jessica Adams